Does Trump really write his own tweets?

"We're going to build a brand wall and we'll make it hooge!"

Ever since Trump used the previously unheard-of word ‘Covfefe’ in one of his many tweets, I have wondered whether it’s really him punching the keys.

It’s something I’ve thought about anyway. Does the most influential man in the world really have time to sit stabbing out 140-character musings, frustrations and ambitions?

But you have to recognise that it is an iconic part of Brand Trump.

A Marmite brand for sure, but unquestionably a brand. And it’s a brand that seems to be growing in popularity among the American people!


When Trump came onto the world stage, many recoiled with horror at the characteristics of Brand Trump.

Speak the unspoken.  Attack detractors personally. Publish personal preferences. Promote one’s own ego. Break political protocol.

These characteristics dismantled all established norms. And Trump continues to do so.


Back to the tweets. They’re the central mode of communicating Brand Trump.

Before he ever became President, Trump tweeted. Regularly and without restraint. And it was that brand that the American people bought.

Many said he must stop tweeting once he became President. I, for one, hoped he would.

But that would have changed the brand that the voters had chosen. And either he or his advisors were too smart to do that.


And so he keeps tweeting – or somebody does. The Trump twitter feed keeps feeding the public with the President’s personal thoughts and feelings. And in doing so, it does three significant things:

  1. It bypasses the conventional media channels and gives the President direct access to the public.
  2. It creates a wonderful smoke screen that distracts the scrutiny of the press and the public from the substance of what the government is doing.
  3. It keeps Brand Trump alive!

In that way, those tweets are vital. They are the US administration’s primary and most powerful form of brand messaging. And, as such, I would think they are too important to leave to the top man himself, who is known for unpredictability.


If they are not typed by Trump, then who are they punched in by?

Did they type ‘Covfefe’ on purpose, to give the impression of a busy and distracted man, making a typo in his haste? Do they operate according to strict brand guidelines and tone of voice, to maintain authentic Brand Trump? Do they review strategic objectives each morning and decide on the messaging that needs to go out?

Whoever it is, they have a critical role. Like the brand manager at Marmite, they must communicate the love-it-or-hate-it brand clearly and consistently, and influence minds in the process.

One day, perhaps we’ll find out.


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