Every crisis becomes a parent of brainchilds

It’s the one good thing that can be said for them

No-one wishes for a crisis. Certainly not one as far-reaching as COVID-19. But there is a silver lining.

Disasters give birth to brainwaves

In every crisis. there are those that assess the situation, recognise the change that it causes, and identify the needs that arise from it. And then they innovate to produce solutions to those needs.

And as a result, society improves. Often with developments that were waiting to happen.


Many are referring to a changed world and a new way of living; few are speaking positively of it.

But already we see good coming out of it.

People are exploring ways to interact more extensively with friends and relatives online; businesses are increasing flexibility in how work gets done; there’s a revived sense of community and care for one another; manufacturers are moving with agility to reassign production capability; environmental impact is significantly reduced.


Out of the Coronavirus pandemic will come a heightened awareness of how easily infection can cripple a population. And significant advances will emerge to prevent the next pandemic having such devastating effects.

That means stronger healthcare systems, increased public awareness, and a safer society.


The current rate of innovation in the UK alone is impressive. We know just from those clients we are working with. But how much more opportunity is there to embrace changes being forced on us by the pandemic and convert them to positive societal advances.

Look at the benefits we outlined above and convert them into innovation opportunities:

Online versions of traditional party games that multiple households can play together over Zoom/Skype; refined business systems that increase work flexibility; social apps that promote local community care; training courses on maximising manufacturing agility; etc.


Above all, COVID-19 is forcing us all out of complacency. It has put Britain on its toes again. And a nation on alert brings out its best.

The slumbering soul of innovation is awakened, and good things happen.


Every human death from this pandemic is a real sorrow. Almost everyone would have some acquaintance that has been affected and we are united in sympathy and compassion.

As we go forward, let’s ensure that the legacy of the pandemic includes positives, just as the aftermath to the World Wars and previous pandemics did. We can’t all be leading scientists discovering vaccines, medicines or tests. But we can all keep innovating – searching for new ways of doing things that future generations will benefit from.

And in doing so, the world will get back on its feet!



We love innovation here at Zing. In the current crisis, we’re working with clients to develop and articulate brilliant innovations that help industries get going again, while keeping people safe.

If you have an idea or an innovation in progress, but need help to communicate it powerfully, please get in touch. We’d love to discuss it with you.

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