“I’m no thought leader, so I’ll stay quiet”

The importance of thought sharing

We promote thought leadership. We help our clients to practise it. But many feel that they’re not thought leaders and have no exceptional expertise. What then? 

Of course, most organisations that have specialist knowledge don’t really realise how much they have to share. It’s our job to coax out the expertise that actually exists.

But there’s also the reality that some organisations don’t possesses in-depth industry insight. They can’t dramatically illuminate their market with their discernment and foresight.

Of course, in this current period of dramatic change, who can claim exceptional intuition? Aren’t most of us pondering and exploring the best ways to push forward and succeed?


But the point is that we all have thoughts. 

And those thoughts are worth sharing. Because my simple thoughts may chime with someone else’s, and the sum of them could represent an advance for them or for others that they network with.

In every industry and market, there are conversations and exchanges being had. Get involved!
It’s better to be a participant than a silent spectator.


Thought sharing is a perfectly viable second best to thought leadership. You don’t have to be Einstein to be a voice in your marketplace.



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