National Writing Day

Everyone has a story to tell

26th of June is National Writing Day! As a team of passionate writers and communicators, we’re delighted to discover a day dedicated to our craft. We’re going to find out more about it to participate further next year.

We thought that the excellent tagline – everyone has a story to tell – was worth focusing on. Because it’s true.

And if everyone has a story, then every brand must have a story. If it doesn’t, it is nothing.

For a brand without a story is a brand without a heart. And no-one ever falls in love with a heartless something.

Once you have a story then you immediately have an audience, because every story relates to someone. Not to everyone, but certainly to someone.

And once you have a story, then the power of writing kicks in. Writing your story for people to read. Writing your story for your ambassadors to speak. Writing your story for designers to visualise.

Writing is not just an academic exercise facing an existential crisis. Writing is the means of communicating thoughts; the means of imparting our passion, sharing our knowledge and telling our news. What form it may take in years to come is a matter of debate (and a cause to defend for some of us). But the habitable world will never become a place of no thoughts and will always require a means of communicating the thoughts that we have.


Writing is an art.

And it’s writing as an art that is being celebrated today.

But writing in business is a tool. A creative tool, yes, but a tool, nonetheless. A tool to secure sales, achieve growth and ensure quality of service.

And writing is as critical as ever before. Whether it’s a 140-character tweet, stage directions for a 45-second video, or 4000 words for an in-depth whitepaper, everything requires a clearly communicated concept – in writing!

Now all this might sound too poetic and conceptual for the B2B world of marketing.

But it’s not! You might not expect your audience to fall in love with your B2B brand, but they must still believe in it and engage with it. And they’ll only do so if your story means something to them.


Everyone has a story to tell.

The brands that succeed are those that tell their story clearly, consistently and compellingly.

If National Writing Day in some way contributed to clearer brand storytelling, as well as celebrating the art of writing for its own sake, we would regard it as one of the best days of the year!

And that really sums up our story.




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