Putting content to good use

Maximising the impact of all content

In simple language, content marketing is the creation and distribution of authoritative and informative content, relevant to our target market.

Its purpose is to position our brand or company as a credible and trustworthy provider, and consequently, attract or convert sales leads. But it’s easy to get as far as the creation stage, and then fall short on distribution. And that becomes a wasted opportunity, as nobody is influenced or attracted by things they haven’t seen! Read on to discover how to get the most out of the content you create.

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Wait a minute… what is content?

It’s worth reminding ourselves that content can come in many forms, but essentially, it’s anything that engages our target audience. Normally it informs or guides, but it may sometimes simply entertain. In all cases it should strengthen the brand and increase the likelihood of a sale, directly or indirectly.


Some formats:

  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Informative videos
  • In-depth articles
  • Blog posts
  • Webinars
  • FAQs
  • Infographics
  • How-to guidance
  • Training materials


Making best use of all content created

Social media exposure

Actively and regularly share content on all relevant social media platforms and ensure that you share both at a company level and from individual members of staff. Sharing first at company level, and then encouraging staff members to share the company update, can help to increase awareness of the company.

Media exposure (PR)
Many content items can be converted into good pieces of PR for release via media platforms, which helps to increase its credibility. Securing exposure with recognised publications or posting on trusted platforms, is a powerful means of increasing online presence.

Email marketing
Include strong content pieces within shots and email marketing newsletters to add value to the recipient and reinforce the expertise and thought leadership of your brand. Regularly including valuable content can help to retain subscribers in email distribution lists.

Online repository
Once you have a collection of valuable content, host it within an online hub of some sort on your website, to encourage repeat visits and ongoing engagement with your brand. Such a compilation helps to inspire confidence with prospects engaging with your brand for the first time.

Website blog
To encourage longer engagement with your brand, repurpose content as shorter blog posts that refer to the full content piece. You can also include these as downloads within the blog post itself (like this), creating multiple ways that the content can be discovered.

Sales support
Make use of persuasive content within your sales process. Provide your sales team with content that demonstrates your knowledge and competence (e.g. case studies) or helps guide customers to a wise purchase choice (e.g. white paper, informative video or FAQs article).

Print for physical sharing
Convert content into a physical piece for direct mail, distribution at in-person events, or to accompany existing company despatches. It’s now widely recognised that most of us are digitally overwhelmed, and tactile marketing can help to cut through the clutter.

Internal education
Use the content created to educate staff internally and increase understanding of industry-related topics and expertise. This can be shared in turn with customers and prospects. Company-wide awareness of the content that you’re sharing is a wise move.

Good content can be delivered as a webinar or webcast, and gives opportunity for more dynamic engagement with your brand. As well as creating content as presentations for webinars and webcasts, existing pieces of content can often be repurposed as content for this form of delivery.

Staged releases
If a suite of content is created, scheduling the release of individual items, with the promise of future instalments, can help to justify repeat exposure in quick succession and create sustained engagement with your brand.



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