The brand race out of lockdown has begun!

May the best brands win - those that adapt and communicate

One of the various laws that marketing gurus Al Ries and Jack Trout espoused was the Law of Leadership.

It’s better to be first than it is to be better, they say.

Some of these time-honoured marketing principles have to be moderated in today’s mad marketing world. But we think there’s something to be said for this one as countries around the world emerge from lockdown.


Many companies have had to shut down or decrease their activity during the past few weeks. And in doing so, some have virtually ceased marketing, while others have maintained a presence.

As such, the sudden cessation of routine business has levelled the playing field to a new normal. Brands that held undisputed leadership status have been overtaken by smaller more agile providers that could respond quickly to the changes that the pandemic created.

As lockdown lifts, there is a chance for many brands to claim first place in their market.


To elevate their position, brands must adapt and innovate to remain relevant in a changed world. But more importantly, they must communicate to their market that they are doing so.

There are numerous examples in marketing history of brands that have claimed first place, not because they actually were first, but because they were the first to effectively communicate.

First in the mind is first in the race.


Companies that wish to take pole position in the new playing field that the pandemic has created, should start communicating with their target audience, clearly outlining how they are meeting needs in the post-COVID market. If you can be the one of the most prevalent voices in your industry as the world emerges, you will take a new position in your market – maybe not first, but certainly a good few rungs higher.

With most people’s outlook and perceptions significantly reshaped by recent events, now is a time that new relationships can be formed, and enhanced impressions formed.


The chance to shine is now.

Get your message right and shout it loud and clear.



We’re helping clients to refine and articulate their message to the market in the post-COVID world.

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