The universal language of our day

Communication at its simplest and best

Various things are referred to as universal languages. Kindness. Love. Music. Food. Art. Even Maths!

What is a universal language? Setting aside conventional languages, it’s any method of communication that transcends boundaries – typically the boundaries of race.

And there is one ‘language’ that is now in universal use and overcomes all boundaries. Race, age, character, qualifications, and more.

The language of emojis

Watch the slightly faltering adoption of IT by older relatives, yet see them using emojis with glee, and you can’t deny their universality.

Of course, they’re not yet a complete language of their own. But give it a few years… 😉

Everyone loves them. Everyone finds them (however little else they grasp IT). And everyone understands them.

So what’s the secret of their success?

They communicate visually rather than in words, and they express the existing universal language of body language and facial expressions. Above all, they communicate emotions. And we humans are emotional things.

What lessons can we learn from the success of emojis?

  • Communicate at a level that everyone understands.
  • Harness the power of visual whenever possible.
  • Always try to touch emotions in messaging.



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