The unseen influencer

Your messaging needs to target them

I wear trainers to the office these days. I frequently stand at my desk, and I like to go for a walk at midday. Trainers make sense.

Having a dose of British tradition in my outlook to workwear, my last pair of trainers were plain black. Nothing eye-catching, you know. Recently, they started showing signs of wear and tear and needed replacing, so my wife said she’d take a look for me (I hate shopping).

She happened to have one of our teenage sons with her when she was looking. And the replacement trainers I’ve ended up with are definitely different to what she or I would have chosen.

The power of the influencer!

They’re comfortable alright. But the big logos plastered all round are a definite departure from the reserved streak in me. I’ve been dragged within the realm of teenage fashion approval!


The term ‘influencer’ in general marketing jargon has come to mean an influential person on social media that endorses a product or brand. But in true marketing strategy, the concept of an influencer goes much wider.

Who influences your target audience? Your messaging should be directed at them as well.


In the construction market, an architect is a prime influencer, and most companies supplying construction-related products know it. We support clients in their efforts to get their products specified by an architect, to improve their chances of winning the sale.

The architect influences the sales process.

The significance of influencers varies from market to market, and from product to product. But it’s essential to not only identify the influencers that exist in your market, but to target them too.


Health and Safety officers influence the purchase of protective equipment, clothing and systems, yet they may well be just an external consultant to the company that will sign a purchase order.

The CEO of your target customer may never speak to you about the product or service you’re offering, but they, or other higher management figures, will often influence the selection of suppliers and solutions.

Looking wider still, some forums and publications can have significant influence on companies in areas such as environmental protection, staff wellbeing, social responsibility and design trends. Gaining exposure on such platforms adds your voice to that influence.


Returning to specific people that act as influencers, here’s the golden secret:

Influencers look for good sources of influence themselves!.

Anyone who advises others is always on the lookout for quality information that will guide them on best practice, new thinking and opportunities for improvement. They don’t want to appear behind the curve in any advice they give, and they therefore carefully monitor all that’s out there in the marketplace.

This is where creation of authoritative content comes into its own, and can enable you to earn the confidence and respect of such influencers. Once you’ve done this, you can expect the recommendations to follow.


And that’s the power of targeting influencers. They act in a very similar capacity to those ‘influencer marketing’ celebrities on social media, in that they instil the confidence within your target customer to make their purchase from you.

Influencers come in many forms, even in the B2B world. But they almost always exist, and they’re always worth considering in the crafting of your brand messaging and the creation of your content.

Make sure you’re influencing the influencers in your market. It helps to fuel long-term growth.



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