Why postal marketing is on the up

An understandable revolution

There was a point in history where we all thought that postal marketing would meet the same fate as chequebooks. With websites, emails and social media rapidly replacing brochures, letters and flyers, physically posting things to customers and prospects felt old fashioned and stuffy. But something is happening in the world of marketing. Disruptive brands […]

White papers – what’s the point?

Do they really contribute to sales?

It’s a question we get asked every so often by our clients; “Does anyone actually read white papers? And is there any point us creating content like this?”   In a mega busy world, it’s a question worth asking. And one that deserves answering with evidence, not just opinion.   What you thought you knew […]

Putting content to good use

Maximising the impact of all content

In simple language, content marketing is the creation and distribution of authoritative and informative content, relevant to our target market.   Its purpose is to position our brand or company as a credible and trustworthy provider, and consequently, attract or convert sales leads. But it’s easy to get as far as the creation stage, and […]

Making strange

The fine line between plain and plain strange

This morning, as I was doing some research for an article, an advert popped up and caught my eye. The short ad simply read: ‘BP: With us, it’s not business as usual.’ It’s a deceptively clever line, for reasons more complex than can be appreciated at first glance. To fully unpack the intelligence behind the […]

National Writing Day

Everyone has a story to tell

26th of June is National Writing Day! As a team of passionate writers and communicators, we’re delighted to discover a day dedicated to our craft. We’re going to find out more about it to participate further next year. We thought that the excellent tagline – everyone has a story to tell – was worth focusing on. […]

Effective calls to action

What makes an effective call to action?

When buyers and sellers are face to face, calls to action – CTAs – are part of the sales patter. The showman’s initial “Roll up, roll up!” is a CTA that’s designed to attract new customers. Once an irresistible story has been told about whatever is on offer, they then close with another CTA to […]

Content marketing

Today’s key to building a brand

You can get a good idea of when an idea really catches on from when it starts to sprout associations. Herr Benz patented his ‘Motorwagen’ in 1886: the RAC was founded in 1897 and the AA in 1905. Cars were obviously here to stay!   On the same basis, it’s revealing that the Content Marketing […]

Hey, you can’t say that!

Blazing the path to common sense grammar

Copywriters are expected to ensure that their copy is grammatically correct, and fair enough too. That’s what they’re paid to do – produce well-written copy. But surely the key thing is to ensure that the meaning of what’s written is clear, and preferably memorable too? Language evolves and grammatical structures change, so the notion of […]

Why should writers think images?

Knowing when an image says more than words

The reason for writing is to communicate. Whatever the nature of the writing – whether in a novel, a newspaper, a notebook, or anything else (preferably beginning with ‘n’ for this alliterative list) – the purpose is to communicate an idea, a request or a proposal. Even when recording something for our own benefit, we […]

Boy jobs and girl jobs

Consistency earns authenticity and respect

When Theresa May and her husband, Philip, joined the BBC’s One Show, many were sceptical of the attempt to give an inside view of the PM and her husband. The opposition branded it as superficial spin, in so many words, while a public, weary with political performances to win their vote, responded in a variety […]

Every word counts

How much hype can a missing word cause?

If you ever needed confirmation that every word counts, the recent controversy surrounding Cadbury and the National Trust’s ‘not-Easter Egg Hunt’ has surely brought it home. For several years, the National Trust has promoted egg hunts to draw in families over the Easter holidays. Cadbury has sponsored the events and supplied the chocolate eggs for […]

Hilarious translation gaffes

The importance of marketing copy editing

Globalisation, whether you are for it or against it, has led to huge growth in international trade. Goods of all sorts cross borders in vast quantities and over vast distances. The movements back and forth are so complex it can be difficult to determine where a product even originates. Is a car assembled in Britain […]

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