Interrupt someone's day.

Harness the power of tactile marketing to secure undivided attention for the few seconds it takes to provoke the required next action.

When digital alone doesn’t deliver, try tactile!

In order to promote your product, request an appointment, or secure a sale, you must first get attention. And that’s hard these days. Emails get deleted, feeds are ignored, and cold calls often refused. We developed Tactize to help our clients put their message right in prospects’ hands and attract them towards the next action.



Limitless possibilities. Maximum creativity.

Wave goodbye to restrictive logo spaces, limited colour palettes and binary font choices. The Tactize range has been specifically designed to be entirely customisable, meaning your branding can be spread across every surface, with your message at its heart. The floor is yours.



Existing designs or bespoke creations.

We have a range of existing box and wallet designs available for your tactile messaging, but we can also create bespoke options tailored to your campaign. And we have access to just about any type of surprise contents, from confectionery to quirky gift items, linked to the message being conveyed.



Full creation or artwork supply.

We work with clients to develop concepts, copy and artwork for their tactile messaging, and as brand communicators, we make sure the message is strong. But where clients have other creatives already working on their marketing, we happily provide artwork templates for them to create their own artwork and we simply produce and supply the tactile messaging products themselves.



The ultimate power of data merge

Any message is strongest when it is addressed personally to someone or includes content specific to them. This is where our tactile messaging really comes into its own. Across any production run of tactile messaging items, we can data-merge recipient names, company names, sections of text specific to each recipient, and even specific images. Talk to us to find out more.



Bulk supply or direct mail-out – simple!

We can supply your tactile messaging pieces to you or do direct mail-out to recipients. Whichever suits you best and helps to get your message out to produce the results you need. Discuss your requirements with us.

Existing or bespoke
We have a range of existing designs but create bespoke options for specific campaigns too.

Create a multi-stage message
Lead the recipient through a clear thought process and reward them with a pleasant surprise – a memorable experience!

Content that supports the message
Tailoring the pleasant surprise to the message being conveyed provides emotional reinforcement to your communication.

Include recipient-specific content
Data-merge recipients’ names, their company name, or other specific text or images for maximum impact.

Choice of contents
We have access to all types of confectionery and source other types of ‘surprises’ to complement your message.

Your message over multiple surfaces
Spreading content across your tactile messaging piece gives multiple opportunities to get your message across.

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Kick off your tactile campaign

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